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3 questions every website needs to answer.

Does your website get a clear message across? You should be able to answer these questions even if you are a caveman! 


What is it that you offer?

How will it make my life better?

What do I need to do to buy?

Who We Serve

We vaccinate businesses against future lock downs by guiding them through a digital transformation that replicates their existing processes online.  
Startups don't have to wait for the right conditions to bring their ideas to fruition; they can leverage technology to compete online now!


You're an entrepreneur. You've got a great idea but you need help executing it.  A website can help.

Brick & Mortar

Go from brick and mortar to click and order. 

Let a website automate processes for you. 

Primary Care

HIPAA requires you to provide online access to medical records. Patient Portals are Websites!

Damian Knowles | Business Developer

Damian Knowles

Damian Knowles is passionate about empowering brick and mortar companies to to adapt to the new normal by guiding them through a digital transformation process while maintaining data compliance.

How We Help

A website was not designed to just be a billboard. Websites serve as the digital counterpart to your brick and mortar business.  
Customers should be able to interact with your website with the same efficiency and confidence as if it were in person.   
Web Design
Web design is the visual look of a website and the functionality from a user’s perspective.  A website's design should reflect the brand and theme of the company.
Web Development
Web development takes the design created in the first step and builds business functionality to the website such as forms, payment gateways and chat bots. 
Online Business
The end result after designing a website and integrating business functionality is an online business that now requires marketing to attract customers to it.

Website Design

Websites are a powerful way for small businesses to attract new customers and grow.  Businesses with a website are considered more credible than one with a social media page alone.

Website Development

Blueprints are replicas of your existing business processes. Websites can execute transactions using automation so that users can use the website just as efficiently as interacting with an employee.

Medical Websites

Medical websites are the patient's portal. A security risk assessment is the 1st step for aligning your practice with HIPAA compliance regulations by detecting any risks to protected health information. 

Create a professional, branded online presence that will attract customers

Gain a competitive edge.

Share new ideas.

Increase brand recognition.

Your Investment

A website is an investment in your businesses credibility, brand recognition and increases the chances of getting new customers.  
Websites even saves your staff time by automating routine processes.

Startup Business Kit

Transition from managing your side-hustle into a full-time gig? The Startup Business Kit is the perfect starter kit for you! 

Lean Business Plan
Homepage Website
GoDaddy Domain Name
1-Year Hosting & SSL
Business Email Service
Business Phone Line
Business Address
LLC Formation
IRS Tax Registration
D-U-N-S  Registration
2 - Unsecured Credit Lines
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Web Development

These services are reserved for existing clients only and those which have already purchased the Business Startup Kit.

Google Business Registration
Search Engine Optimization
Website Analytics
Website Chat bot
Digitize Paper Forms
Electronic Signatures
Social Media Integration
Blog Setup and Integration
Membership Portals
Online Course Creation
Email Campaigns
Online Card Processing
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HIPAA Risk Analysis

Medical records are personal and critical to maintain patient confidentiality in addition to HIPAA compliance reasons.

68 Security Rule Policies
Online SRA Tool Access
Paper Security Checklist
BA Agreement Template
Privacy Practice Template
Employee Training Videos
Employee Training Tests
Completion Certificates
HIPAA Required Docs
Online Knowledge Base
Digital Primary Care Forms
1-Year Hosting
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Do you need help understanding how things work before making a purchase?  

We want to know what's important for your business so that we can provide a solution that does exactly that!

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We hope these frequently asked questions help answer your queries. 

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Best in Class

What is Best in Class?

According to Gartner, "Best-in-class" is defined as the superior product within a category of hardware or software. It does not necessarily mean the best product overall, however. 

For example, the best-in-class product in a low-priced category may be inferior to the best product on the market, which could sell for much more.

Times have changed so much that when you are designing a website you do not need to understand any coding languages.  Today's website builders provide drag & drop site tools that make it easy to create stunning websites with just a few clicks of your mouse! Many eCommerce platforms even allow you to simply import product lists to showcase your items for sale such as Amazon, Shopify, Big Commerce and more...

Beyond the layer of the design aspect, all websites must pay for hosting and registering a domain name. Most best-in-class website builders masks these costs and market their service as all-in-one solutions.  This burgeoning new technology sector is referred to as Software as a service (SaaS).  This is a polite way of saying, "Do it yourself. 

A Google search of best website builders reveal these top names:


For do it yourself instructions you may visit our resources at www.knowledgebase.com

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What about costs?

Sadly, we don't offer custom projects anymore because the steps are not repeatable and lack scalability.  That's why this is feature is exclusively reserved service for our existing clients.  Our startup kit for entrepeneurs and the HIPAA checklist are one-size fits all solutions that still offer upgraded support options.

The pick list for small businesses is reserved exclusively for existing clients.

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