Damian Knowles
Service Level Agreements
According to IBM, "SLAs are created to document the commitments that you plan to fulfill for customers.."
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About Damian
Damian is a business developer who helps brick and mortar companies to extend their reach so that they can connect with digital customers.
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E-Commerce Website or a Regular Website?
If you're trying to decide what type of website works best for you maybe I can help.
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3 eSign Rules to Remember
Electronic signatures are 100% legal but here are 3 important rules to remember.
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Our Cookies Policy
If you have heard about cookies but don't understand how they work we provide answers.
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The rat trap in the farm house
As a western way of life we have become competitive instead of collaborative. When will this stop? What is the real cost?
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India provides response to COVID19 US pressure
Does Trump's request for supplies from India prove that Ivermectin is effective against the prevention and treatment of COVID-19 infection? Or does it point to a bigger picture, where bad political manners are at play.
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How doctors can benefit from COVID19
Telemedicine is a way to make sure you can still get the healthcare services when it's inconvenient for your temporary movement restriction.
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How to Sign Legal Documents Remotely
Enhance your productivity and reduce paperwork. Signing business documents is a matter of necessity. Zoho Sign just happens to be my favorite tool for e-signatures.
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There are 3 key reasons you should consider the internet alternative now especially during this COVID-19 pandemic.
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