Damian Knowles

India provides response to COVID19 US pressure

07.04.20 02:32 PM Comment(s)

India responds to America's need for COVID19 medicine

Whether COVID19 is real or not we do know that Indian health authorities claim that hydroxychloroquine helps dramatically with COVID19 symptoms and that India has no shortage of the drug. The country has even gone so far as to protect the reserves of its supply.

Late last year India's PM Narendra Modi receives some backlash for his endorsement of US president Donald Trump.  While India may be a formal US ally it was not socially acceptable for India to provide an "endorsement" of any kind towards a US president.  It may have been political in the midst of the debacle with Kashmir at the time or not whatever the case that relationship or India's sovereignty or it's ally status has been challenged at the least amidst the current COVID19 crisis.

Recent studies have revealed that a drug known as, hydroxychloroquine as positive effects on alleviating COVID19 symptoms.  The results have even caught the attention of US President Trump who has called for India to lift its ban on the export of hydroxychloroquine.  What I find fascinating is that almost in lockstep President Trump threatened India with possible retaliation.  To put this in perspective see Trevor Noah's joke about colonialism. 

Before we go any further into the political ramifications of this dialogue I must admit that it leaves me with more questions than answers.

1. Is colonialism really dead?
2. What if India said, "No!" because their supplies were limited.
3. Was the threatening overtone really necessary especially when just a few months ago PM Modi stuck himself out on a limb for President Trump?

To bring this matter even closer to home I asked myself these questions"

1. What would you do if your family member were dying and your neighbour had the cure but didn't want to give you any?
2. Is this how marginalized blacks feel in America, Undocumented Haitians in The Bahamas and Mexican fruit pickers in America?
3. How does someone feel when a loved one dies because they could not afford cancer treatment despite all of the steak out tickets sold?

Maybe this is how nearby Bahamians felt after their government received over $300 million dollars without still experiencing any major redevelopment underway?

I don't know exactly how it feels or if India is choosing it's battles, India sees an opportunity to crystallize their support of Trump? What I do know is that I am not mature enough to manage political discourse in a public forum because ego alone would have forced my hand the minute a question for assistance had any threatening repercussion attached to it.

Despite my extensive travel I do have an opinion on US politics and America.  Mainly that I see a difference between Americans and US politics because most Americans are totally oblivious to the notion of objective reasoning beyond mainstream media and that American freedom and liberty despite its' negative side effects is what will maintain America's greatness or what will #maga.