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Cookies set by Damian Knowles' website

Damian Knowles uses cookies to provide traffic statistics for our website. A cookie is a small text file that is stored on the your device to identify the browser, provide analytics, and remember information about your browsing history specifically on our site such as your language preferences.

What type of cookies does Damian Knowles use?

The cookies set by Damian Knowles are broadly used for analytics and reporting purposes.

What does the cookie on Damian Knowles' site do?

Our website has two cookies zsltssn & zsstssn set by default. The cookies are set by the Zoho Sites application and it is used to provide web page analytics to the site owners.

The user agent, device and IP location are collected for showing website statistics. Instead of storing the IP address, the country is identified and is stored in the application.

Cookie Details

Cookie Name: zsltssn and zsstssn | TTL: 310 seconds 

Purpose: To detect which pages you visit so we understand what interest you.

How you can manage cookies?

Most browsers allow you to control and manage the cookies by allowing you to choose preferences you are comfortable with under their Settings or Preferences tab. 

So when you disable the cookies, your profile analytics may provide inaccurate results.

Browsers provide resources relating to cookie management so that you are able to make smart decisions regarding your personal information.