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Personal Bio

Hi, I’m Damian Knowles. As a Business Developer, I help brick and mortar organizations convert to digital so that they can connect with digital customers. My background in technology started with using vending machines to automate the sale of long-distance cards for Blackstone in Miami, Fl. 


As technology advanced, physical phone card sales were converted to an electronic recharge commonly referred to as direct top-up. I quickly learned how a fully digital platform can scale a business and produce easy to audit reports.


I am addicted to entrepreneurship. I think I have been this way ever since I started my first business as soon as I graduated high school. The foundation of the entrepreneurial spirit is freedom and self-improvement. 


Following a devastating life experience I was forced to re-assess my life, values and what legacy I wanted to be remembered by. I was adamant that understanding how to leverage the internet would unlock infinite possibilities. My quest for understanding led me to India on three occasions. These experiences have left me eternally grateful for the enlightenment India has provided. 


Eventually, the COVID19 lock down led me to congeal my skill set to help primary care providers navigate the complexity of HIPAA compliance. As I developed an understanding of HIPAA’s guidelines I also grew in awareness about my civil rights and how important it is to have access to my medical records. 


I sincerely hope that my research will help your contribution to the betterment of the healthcare industry.