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How to Sign Legal Documents Remotely

02.04.20 08:56 PM Comment(s)

Signing business documents became so easy with Zoho

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Just because your movement is restricted for a while doesn’t mean that business should stop.  The internet provides so many adaptations to standard business processes that if you are sitting home right now as a businessman commiserating over lost sales during this COVID-19 lockdown you’re either misinformed, uninformed or you have not yet developed the right perspective as an entrepreneur.  

Entrepreneurship is largely about personal development

It continues to be my opinion that entrepreneurship is equally about personal development as it is the attainment of institutional certifications.  An entrepreneur or growth minded person will quickly seek alternatives when faced with opposition and be ready to adapt to shifting landscapes.  

Federal Laws support electronic signatures

With this in mind, signing business documents is a matter of necessity.  If you have ever asked, "How to legally sign a document electronically?"For those needing to ratify an agreement, close a deal or severe a contract officially there is a legally viable electronic alternative.   It's easy to use and as efficient as sending an email.  While there may be a few companies that provide this service, my brand of choice any digital tool is Zoho.  The product that I am referring to is Zoho Sign.  

E-Signed contracts can be registered on the blockchain

Not to be confused with a blockchain contract Zoho Sign does register your contract on the blockchain using the Ethereum Network.  Even without this option Zoho Sign allows you to sign paperless documents with military-grade encryption.  If you wonder, "What makes an electronic signature legal? Your results will reveal how Zoho Sign complies with even the most current e-signature laws, namely ESIGN and eIDAS.   

Zoho's system allows you to send documents to multiple recipients, in any sequence that you prefer.  Documents are even trackable and their analytics let you know when the signing is completed and even provides a receipt.

If you have this need but require a little help feel free to reach out to me with no commitment or obligation.

Screenshot of Zoho Sign's blockchain receipt