Damian Knowles

E-Commerce Website or a Regular Website?

08.11.20 10:16 AM Comment(s)

If you're wondering whether you should choose an eCommerce site or a regular website hopefully this may help.  

E commerce Stores

E commerce sites are for retail merchants that predominantly sell products.  Another way to look at it is if your business name could easily have the word "store" added to it.  E.g. parts store, grocery store, cosmetic store. 

A key indication that you have landed on an eCommerce site is the display of a "shopping cart" icon.  If you're on a tight budget, please note that an eCommerce site may cost up to 3 times the amount of a regular website depending on the amount of items that need to be added.

Regular Website

Regular Websites or even Blogs can also be a way for retail stores to get their initial online presence by simply creating a landing page so that prospective customers can at least find key details about their business with a simple Google search.

Regular websites work well for service providers that cannot deliver their service online but rather use the website as a medium to connect with their customers.  This type of website is critical especially for those service providers that may have a complicated process for providing their service.  Examples of this may be lawyers, contractors or technicians.  

Service providers do sell products at times however my recommendation would be that if you have about 10-15 products for sale to save the extra cost of an eCommerce website and simply add a checkout button for your items.  


E-Commerce Websites

Retail Industry, Business Name includes, "Store", Sells more than 15 items.

eg. Parts, Grocery, Cosmetics.

Regular Websites

Service Providers, Does not deliver service online but rather in person, has more than 15 items for sale.

eg. Doctors, Lawyers, Technicians, Spas.

I trust this article helped you gain insight to make the right decision for your company.